Slovak for foreigners

Slovak for foreigners

Slovak lessons:  pronunciation guide  volume 2

Dipthong  ô                                       

is spelt ô, ha brief u gliding into o

ô like stôl, skôr                                    

ou, au,eu

these sequences are not conventionally analysed as  diphtongs. The are pronounces as the first vowel followed by  an English „w “ sound

ou  rukou, malou

au  auto, august    

eu  európsky, euro


K, p, t are similar to their English counterparts.

For example kilo, ruka, kúpil, ten, to, talent

Ch is like Ch in the Scottish pronunciation of the word loch.

Chlap, chyba, ucho

R is briefly flapped, also as in Scottish English.

Rád, rieka, hora

Both r and l can act as vowels, sometimes even lenghtened to ŕ and ĺ.

For example

Prvý, plný, hlboký – hĺbka, vŕba

is mostly like Englishbut at the end of the word it sounds like English w, also between a vowel and the following consonant:

Víno, Viera – but  domov, krv, polievka, pravda

Qu and w only turn up in foreign words like Quido(kvido) and WC (vétsé)


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