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60W Digital & Lead-free Soldering Station for cellphone repair

07/08/18 ,

60W Digital & Lead-free Soldering Station


  • Temperature read out in ℃ and ℉
  • On/Off switch on the right side of the unit.
  • MCU controlled temperature calibration.
  • Simulate bar indicating heating up status.
  • LCD display screen making control visualization.
  • User-friendly menu enables system fms airplane  setting easier.
  • Separate iron stand to save room and to make easier deposit.
  • Buttons (1, 2, 3) for pre-setting or switching frequently used temperature.
  • Low-voltage heater separated from power supply to keep soldering work safer.
  • Soldering tip designed separate from heater and using exchangeable 900M series to save use-cost.


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Hot Air Rework Station



  • Closed-loop and MCU zero crossing design for achieving fast heating-up, accurate and stable control.
  • LED screen used to display working temperatures and working states make operations easy.
  • Embedded sensor inside iron hand piece to obtain auto-sleep to save energy.
  • Intelligence cooling system and deferred power-off function to extend hot air gun lifespan.
  • Compact unit to save workbench space and eye-pleasing appearance.
  • Intelligent malfunction detection and indications. source from http://www.atten.com
  • Conserve a series frequently-used temperature &air flux. Digital control for air flow grades (A25-A99 ). Make normal temperature wind to cool the components.

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