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Guide for pronunciation in Slovak language part 1


Slovak language is beautiful language and also it has some rules for pronunciation, here are some tips for you how to talk Slovak perfectly.


We have these letters (a, e, i,o, u) and there are quite close in pronunciation to English vowels puck, peck, pick, pock, pook.

With acute signs added (á,é, í,ó,ú) the vowels are pronounced longer : roughly like ah, eh, ee, aw, oo.

Here are some examples for practise:

a,á  brat, mal, málo, bál sa

e,é  ten, krém, pekné, mesto

i,í and y, ý pivo, víno, syn, milý

o, ó  bol, gól, ona, bola

u,ú  ruka, ruku, mú, malú


ä is normally pronounced the same as e

ä   mäso, mäkký


There are also several diphthongs which ccur in native words ( one vowel merging guickly into another). These also count as long vowels.

Three have a brief Slovak i sound gliding into a,e, u.

ia  piatok, prosia

ie viem, spievam

iu tretiu


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