How to learn Slovak ?

Ten tips for studying Slovak language


To Slovakia comes more and more people and I would like to help them with learning Slovak, so here are some tips for you.

  1. A lot of things you can find on website or other sites that you can find via google.
  2. You can buy some bilingual books and read them.
  3. If you find Slovak film with subtitles, that is really good way how to learn Slovak.
  4. Use youtube for learning Slovak.
  5. With some textbooks you have CDs with speeches in Slovak.
  6. Find good teacher that teaches you everything, the best is native.
  7. Meet Slovak people and try to talk, it is very important.
  8. If you have skype and some Slovak friends, then try to speak with them.
  9. Learn Slovak every day.
  10. In Slovak language is grammar very important, study it everytime you do not understand something.



If you want more tips for learning Slovak or you want  to study it, just have a look at my website

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