Business English

Company meetings

V tomto článku si ukážeme niekoľko fráz, ktoré sa dajú použiť pri schôdzi v spoločnosti.

Controlling the subject

Saying what you hope to achieve:

I´d like us to reach a decision today. I´d like us to think about tjis after the meeting. This is for information only.

Introducing the subject:

This issue is: Let´s look at the backround to this: What is the situation at present ? Let´s look at possible courses of action.

Keeping  to the subject:

Let´s keep to the immediate subject, which is:

Don´t look back :

We´ve already discussed that. Let´s not go over it again.

Don´t jump ahead:

Let´s not jump too far ahead at this stage.

Getting things clear :

There seems to be some confusion.

Summarizing frequently:

Let´s summarize what we´ve said so far.

Ak by ste sa chceli dozvedieť viac ako komunikovať na firemnej schôdzi alebo vedieť aj úplne niečo iné tak si pozrite stránku a kontaktujte ma.









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