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WITH all the misleading portrayals of Japan Hokkaido Pills

22/07/13 Tags: 2daydietjapanlingzhi, Japan Hokkaido Pills

WITH all the misleading portrayals of hypnosis that we see on TV or at the movies, you can’t blame me for being slightly Japan Hokkaido Pills apprehensive about trying the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System, which uses hypnotherapy to convince the mind that one has had a gastric band fitted.

The touted benefits, supposedly similar to gastric band surgery, were no doubt impressive; you would eat smaller portions, feel fuller faster, and ultimately, lose weight, all without any invasive surgical procedures.

Nevertheless, my mind worked overtime imagining various negative (and mostly implausible) side effects: would I wake up in the middle of the night wracked with pain in my stomach, convinced I was bleeding internally? Or would I perhaps have memories of a surgery I never actually had?

Reality, thankfully, was far more prosaic. My hypnotherapist, Joyce Hue, talked me through what would happen during our sessions.

The idea was simple: over the course of five sessions (roughly 40 minutes each, over a six-week period), she would use hypnosis to prepare me for the “surgery”, perform the “procedure”, and finally, follow up on my progress.

Along the way, she would also plant suggestions for ways in which I could live a healthier lifestyle.

Our first meeting did not involve any hypnosis. Instead, Hue had me identify practices that were contributing to weight gain, such as skipping breakfast or snacking while watching television, and then simple “substitute” habits that would prevent me from doing so.

This process also helped me identify particular social settings or emotions that I associate with eating.

Then, I was sent home with reading material on healthy eating and exercising, and told to start a food diary.

The first actual hypnosis session was mainly to get me used to the process, and to plant suggestions in my subconscious mind that would encourage me to practice a healthier lifestyle.

As a total newbie to hypnosis, the experience was fascinating.

Hue had me lying on an easy chair with my eyes closed, and started with the steps of hypnosis we are most familiar with: telling me to relax, asking me to imagine myself somewhere peaceful, and counting backwards.

While it sounds simplistic, it actually worked, and she soon had me in a hypnotic state.

The feeling is similar to when you may lie down to relax without actually intending to fall asleep. You feel extremely relaxed and tend not to focus on external stimuli, but at the same time, you’re still aware of things.

The best way I can explain it is, it feels like those few minutes right before you actually fall asleep are prolonged – a pretty enjoyable feeling, actually.

Once I was in this state, Hue began to 3X Slimming Power give specific suggestions on weight loss. These were both emotion-related (such as, you don’t need to view eating as a way to socialise) and activity-related (take the stairs instead of the elevator), based on my specific issues with eating and exercising.

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