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We looked at the expression SLIM EXPRESS TEA

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Building on that, Suter, Aagaard, the report’s senior author, and their colleagues sought to discover if the high fat diet affected regulation of the whole thyroid-producing system from the hypothalamus in the brain to the thyroid gland to the peripheral tissues that SLIM EXPRESS TEA respond to thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is important because it is critical in regulating energy and thus has implications for weight maintenance. Thyroid is also important for fetal development. State health departments test the levels of thyroid hormone in the blood of newborns to prevent cognitive delay associated with very low levels.

“There is a fundamental question of what programs the thyroid hormone axis during development,” said Aagaard. “Does obesity drive thyroid resistance or does hypothyroidism (low thyroid) drive obesity? We found that you can disrupt that complex network of the thyroid hormone axis with a high fat maternal diet.”

“Thyroid hormone regulation is like a teeter totter,” said Aagaard. “When you are low on thyroid hormone, your body increases production of thyroid stimulating hormone, which stimulates greater production of the thyroid hormone itself. Ideally, you are in perfect balance and the two are normal. Thyroid hormone is low in the fetuses exposed to a high fat diet but all the different components of the system that should drive that up are dysregulated. The system is no longer well balanced.”

The problem extends from the brain to the liver, she said. Not only are the different forms of thyroid hormone low, but the genes that convert them to a form the cell can use are also out of kilter. Even the things that the thyroid hormones regulate fats and glucose are out of balance. Because Aagaard’s laboratory has not been previously involved in thyroid hormone research, they turned to other experts in the field who recommended they take an exhaustive approach to characterizing the fetal thyroid axis in their studies.

“We looked at the expression Vitaccino Coffee and production of nearly all known key proteins, hormones, and receptors important in regulating thyroid hormone. We looked from the brain to the thyroid gland and all the way down to the liver. We looked deeply into the regulation of the thyroid hormone receptor as well as the effector molecules. It is a deeply perturbed axis,” she said.

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