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Slimband consultants also said their slim pomegranate

29/07/13 Tags: 2 day diet pill

Posing as interested patients, National Post reporters contacted representatives of four different private weight-loss clinics, reporting a normal-range BMI of 25 or 26, but also a history of fluctuating into obese territory and a desire to prevent serious weight gain from returning.

Representatives at Toronto-based CIBO Clinic said their ice hot cool gel palsu surgeon would “definitely not” operate on someone with a BMI of 25, though he might make an exception for a 29. Vancouver’s False Creek Health Centre said no one with a BMI of under 30 would qualify, adding, “It’s done for medical purposes, not just to lose weight.”

A representative with Toronto’s Surgical Weight Loss Centre said its cut-off is usually 30, and operating on someone slimmer “could be a difficulty,” but added the surgeon wouldn’t necessarily give an “outright ‘no.’ ”

Slimband consultants also said their surgeons have to approve any patient with a BMI of under 30, but did not suggest it would be a significant obstacle. One said it was “not a good procedure” for people with eating disorders, while those with a “healthy BMI” would consult with the surgeon, adding that the clinic has operated on patients who needed to lose as little as 10 pounds, and added “it doesn’t matter whether you have 20 pounds or 200 pounds to lose; this thing works.” She said Slimband had even treated a triathlete: “When she’s off-season, she gains 20 pounds and that’s big for a slim pomegranate professional athlete.” She also described Slimband’s post-operative care as “the most comprehensive” in the industry, including doctors, nurses, dieticians and support staff, with a 24-hour help line.

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