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pai you guo tea can offer effective weight management

06/10/14 Tags: weight loss

Thus, your insulin spikes, and whatever sugar is not used right away through the body is stored as fat. Further, the insulin has turned off

your fat-burning enzymes, in order soon as the blood sugar begins to drop back down, you become hungry again dr ming herbal tea since your is not burning fats anymore.

So how in the world did that fat-free yogurt do you worthwhile? It literally made you more fat. It’s amazing, however when you visit the grocery store, it

seems everything is low-fat or fat-free. Guess how they make these food types taste good since all of the delicious fat is taken away? Yep, they add sugar.

Don’t take my word for this; look into the labels yourself.

Now for yet another spin on things, let’s talk about how our body uses energy when you exercise. When you are exercising in a lower intensitywalking, running

easy, biking at a relaxed speedyour muscles preferentially use fat being an power source. Yep, that very same fat around your belly that you’re trying to get

eliminate is getting burned with low-intensity exercise.

When you’re exercising in a higher intensityrunning/cycling at a more intense pace, intense “cardio” workoutsyour body preferentially uses sugar as an power

source. That fat around your belly stays put. Your body needs a quicker energy source. When we glance at our Fitbit also it informs us we burned 1,000

calories, well, how much was fat and just how much was carb? And how about when we consume a snack before exercise? You likely just spiked your insulin, that

has now reduced what you can do to burn fat during your exercising.

Don’t count calories. Eat pai you guo tea moderate portions. Avoid sugar such as the plague. Minimize bread and pasta consumption. Avoid “fake healthy” foodslow-fat or fat-

free foodsthese are often packed with sugar to make them palatable and will can even make you fat. Look in the sugar content and keep it to a great minimum.

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