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Healthy weight loss method with protein


Protein weight loss method with its strong sense of satiety, its heat, to promote detoxification, eliminate edema, and be respected by women. However, the protein weight loss method for 5 days a week to rest for two days, and with other diet food, to be able to see the miraculous, to help healthy weight loss. More info: official-lidadaidaihua
protein weight loss method “is composed of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate. If you eat the least amount of this recipe, heat about 1650-1700 card, if you eat the maximum amount, about 2200 cards.
In the beginning of the implementation, because the body is not yet accustomed to the relationship, the spirit of a little more than usual hearing.
This method can last 5 days rest for 2 days, but not long-term implementation.
After all, people still need balanced nutrition, although this method does not like meat diet extreme, but a long time down the body is still influential.
Implementation protein weight loss method, food protein is the priority, but still have to take into account the balance of other nutrients.
Every day, eat four major categories of food (fats and oils, starches, vegetables and milk, eggs, fish, beans) in various nutrients, especially vegetables and fruit you can eat, something of fats and oils in moderation, not specializing in a certain kind of food, eating the heat of the day may not be less than the 1200 card. More info: p57 Hoodia Gordonii
In addition, drinking at least 8 to 10 cups of water, the water can help to burn fat, and less likely to cause the burden of kidney metabolism, is a good catalyst. Of course, ultimately, exercise is indispensable, doing moderate aerobic exercise daily can increase metabolic rate.

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