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3X Slimming Power is a great way to lose weight

22/07/13 Tags: lose weight
Now that you know how important your Basal Metabolic Rate is to losing weight, let’s take a closer look.
For instance, a 25 year old woman weighing 160 lbs and 5’3” would have a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of 1,441. 3X Slimming Power is a great way to lose weight.
This is the amount of calories per day that her body would burn while at rest. Put another way, this is the amount of energy she would need for basic body functions.
Since these energy needs for the basic body functions stay fairly consistent and are not easily changed, you can expect this calorie expenditure to be about the same given the above example of age, gender, weight and height are constant.
Once you know your BMR, then you would need to adjust this for your activity level to determine your daily calorie intake needs in order to maintain your current weight.
To calculate your calorie needs for weight loss, start by determining your basal metabolic rate.
The easiest way is to us an online Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator. This BMR calculator also explains buy 2 day diet pills the math behind the numbers. So if you are curious, be sure to scroll down to read all about BMR calculations.
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