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Titanium zinc composite plate

25/07/13 Tags: aktivne vyuzivanie slnecnej energie, aktivny relax, aktovky pre prvákov, Titanium, titanium products, titanium supplier

Titanium zinc composite plate is manufactured of titanium zinc alloy plant as faceplate and aluminum plate as backboard and higher pressure LDPE because the core material.

Just like titanium steel composite plate, titanium zinc composite plate belongs to a brand new sort of high-grade aluminum plate making materials which is created by the thermal compound. Titanium zinc composite plate not simply has titanium zinc plate characteristics (metal texture, surface layer self-repair function, extended service lifestyle, superior plasticity) and advantages of composite plate, like smooth, exceptional anti-bending performances. Titanium zinc composite plate could be the solution of classical artwork and present day technology.

On the starting of application, titanium zinc composite plate appears completely new natural steel grey in far view and demonstrates all-natural metal?ˉs basic texture in near view.

To get a long time period, on account of exposing to the air, the surface of titanium zinc plate will steadily type challenging and compact zinc carbonate corrosion protection layer to avoid further erosion. Scratches and blemishes will disappear on this evolution approach. Titanium zinc composite plate is undoubtedly the perfect decoration material for anyone buildings which ought to produce a strong normal sense. Titanium zinc composite plate is specifically applicable to the setting which has strong all-natural and historical environment and titanium zinc composite plate is capable to add distinctive charm to contemporary and classical architecture. With excellent strength and rigidity, titanium zinc composite plate can withstand solid winds and also other weather disorders invasion. Moreover, titanium zinc composite plate is featured by very good plasticity, easy to machine and install, in favor of three-dimensional modeling, can adapt to a number of layout specifications, can entirely display the persona of architect and meet the wealthy creative imagination and inspiration of architects.

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