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Liang Bingjun, the late famous writer,

07/11/17 Tags: 教育

Liang Bingjun, the late famous writer, was the enlightenment teacher of Xiao Xinhao, which influenced him most deeply in Xiao Xinhao’s way to study. Also, love food, many poems with all the dishes, such as “Zurich”, “Marseille chestnut soup” and “Singapore Chicken Rice, Hainan Style”. As a result of the diet, Xiao Xinhao and sans also have friends, often together with food. He learned to be tolerant, polyu exchange offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.
and to follow the pace of the transboundary journey of literature and diet.


When Xiao Xinhao was a undergraduate at Leng Da, he realized that he was a professor at Lingda Chinese department. Originally, he was not familiar with JIS. Until one day, Mr. Ling introduced to Xiao Xinhao. He was a chef, and then he said to Xiao, “I respect the chef,” so that he is very touched. “My qualifications and identity can not be compared to the teacher, to me??? He said respect, this is the tolerance of different professions. Just as the chef looks down on the cbbc teacher, a teacher looks down on the chef. But in teacher’s eyes, all professions were equal. ”


When Xiao Xinhao was studying for his master’s degree, he also published a prose collection of food, “the taste of the world”, and the movie “peach sister” was also just on. Xiao Xinhao ordered the books and movies combined, published a “peach sister human taste” articles in the network, sharing relationship and love people. Later, at a seminar, he also came to shoot the shoulder shot Yan Ho said: “thank you for your article”, also make him very happy, “the teacher will pay attention to your article, but the initiative came to encourage you, and thank you, no superior posture, is great the inspiration to students. ”


Slowly, Xiao Xinhao followed the pace of the work of literature and diet. When idle, they will go to eat vegetarian snacks, go to a coffee shop and chat, he has enthusiasm on literature and deeply influenced diet? “Xin Hao, people think that literature is the literature quite dead endorsement, but the fact is not, I hope to use their own expertise to explore the other side of literature. For example, he pointed out that the source of Dongpo meat is related to Su Dongpo’s official career. PartnerNet is a Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) trade website providing news on Hong Kong tourism website and connecting you with trade partners around the world.
These interesting stories can also arouse students’ interest in literature.

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