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office 2007 product key is fast and fluid. Everything you want to do on the web is a swipe or a tap away, and feels instant. Browser tabs and navigation controls appear only when you need them and quietly get out of the way when you don’t.

Quickly find sites by pinning them to your Start screen—or add a site to your favorites and access it from anywhere in Internet Explorer. Enjoy reading your news online? Turn on flip ahead to smoothly move from page to page on supported sites. With Internet Explorer 10, you can quickly switch between tabs and access your favorite sites.

1. Your web favorites.

Internet Explorer 10 lets you choose how you want to keep track of your favorite sites, so you can get to those sites faster. There are three ways to store and organize your favorites:

Pin to Start. Pin sites to your Start screen for instant access and notifications.

Make it a favorite. Add sites to favorites and they’re available anywhere in Internet Explorer.

Get the app. Some sites have apps you can install that give you a new way to enjoy content.

2. Sites you love: Pinned and favorites.

Pinning a site creates a tile on your Start screen, giving you one-touch access to that site. Some pinned sites will show notifications, so you know when new content is available. You can pin as many sites as you like, and organize them into easy-to-manage groups. From the Address bar, tap or click  Pin site, and then tap or click Pin to Start.

If you have a lot of buy windows 7 sites to keep track of, you can create a favorites list. When you add a site to your favorites, it appears in the Address bar and in your favorites list in Internet Explorer for the desktop. From the Address bar, tap or click Pin site, and then tap or click Add to favorites.

3. See if your site has an app.

Some websites give you the option of getting their app. Like a pinned site, a web app gives you instant access and a new way to experience the site’s content. You can snap an app to view it side-by-side with sites in Internet Explorer. To get an app, from the Address bar, tap or click Page tools, and then tap or click Get an app for this site.

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