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Best Memory Foam Mattresses

12/09/18 ,

Nowadays, more and more function mattress fabrics are on the market, and people’s cognition has been refreshed again and again. Rongli’s memory foam mattress has been well known both at home and abroad.

The mattress that you choose makes all the difference for a good night’s sleep. You may be pernickety while purchasing shoes as wrong selection may end up giving you ache. Similarly the kind of foundation that mattresses offer plays a vital role in ensuring that you get a sound sleep and wake up rejuvenated.

With the soaring race for money and status, the only time to collect oneself is the bedtime. Hence, compromising with the quality of mattress is not an option.

To find the mattress of your dream, you must be first acquainted with a few characteristics of a comfy mattress. An ideal mattress is one that not only offers comfort but also reduces stress level, provides proper alignment to your body and support pressure points.

There are many beds manufacturing brands and almost all claims to provide comfort. However Rongli gives an edge over them as beds manufactured here are exceptionally eco- friendly and extremely long-lasting.

This prominent mattress manufacturer is known to fabricate wide range of memory foams all of which offer unparalleled comfort deliver you a restful slumber.

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What is the role of function mattress fabrics?

03/09/18 ,

At present, with the continuous improvement of people’s tastes of life, people’s functional requirements for mattresses are getting higher and higher. Therefore, there are function mattress fabrics on the market, so is the functional mattress good? Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the role of function mattresses.

Function mattress classification
Functional mattress classification mainly includes jade mattress, magnetic therapy mattress, thermal insulation mattress, anti-mite mattress, thermal insulation mattress, ridge mattress, moisture-proof mattress, water mattress, anti-decubitus mattress and so on.
Function mattress fabric role
(1) physical anti-mite, environmentally friendly antibacterial to formaldehyde;
(2) promote cell metabolism, activate cells, balance endocrine;
(3) Improve blood lipid metabolism and reduce cholesterol;
(4) Promote blood circulation and improve microcirculation;
(5) Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity;
(6) promote inflammation regression, eliminate inflammation swelling and pain;
(7) Eliminate fatigue, promote physical recovery, regulate the nervous system, calm the body, and eliminate insomnia and mental stress;
(8) Two-way regulation of blood pressure, especially to reduce high blood pressure and reduce the burden on the heart;
(9) Protect the spine and support the massage without deformation;
(10) Maintaining the brain, enhancing and improving the body’s immune function, and improving the body’s resistance to disease;
(11) Eliminate free radicals accumulated in the body, delay anti-aging, beauty and beauty, clear blood and detoxification.
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How To Choose A Toxin Free Healthy Mattress

30/08/18 ,

It is necessary to choose a quality and healthy mattress fabric.

As people’s needs continue to increase, a variety of function mattress fabrics  will appear on the market.

You eat organic food, get adequate sunlight and live a stress free life… You may even prioritise your sleep. All this in the name of health.

But are you undoing all this hard work every night?

Sleep is important time for the body. Not only are we in a vulnerable state, but it’s a time for repair and recovery. it is when memories are forged and muscles are built. All of this happens while you’re sound asleep in your bed, so choosing a suitable mattress fabric is undoubtedly very important.

Given how precious this time is for our sleep, and the fact we spend a third of our life in our bed, one would expect the bed we sleep on to be the top of our ‘health priority‘ list. But this isn’t the case. We continue to sleep on toxic surfaces laced in poisonous pesticides, toxic flame retardants and synthetic compounds. Sure our bed may be comfortable but it’s a toxic wasteland when it comes to health.

If the environment is not conducive to rest and repair our bodies natural ability to fight disease, burn fat and re-vitalise is hampered. The bed you sleep in may be the most important item in your house for health.

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