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The troubles of Male Impotency and Ways to Spice up Things in Your Sex Life

09/05/14 Tags: male impotency

Feel the Bliss
When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple, they experienced their first sexual encounter between a man and a woman. Consequently it gave birth to the practice of physical intimacy between the two genders, hereby fulfilling the physical, sexual, mental and emotional need of both the man and woman. Not only that, the very existence of the human species depends on the sexual intimacy of both the genders. Additionally, after or before marriage, it also helps in developing a bond between a man and woman, whereby both can satisfy each other in physical terms and enjoy the bliss of the sexual encounters. But what happens if the organ that is responsible for your sexual performance starts showing problem or malfunctions in a very erratic manner. And when it happens in men, the things go quite haywire. The libido or penis which is used to give pleasure to the woman you love fails to satisfy them by not erecting in a proper manner, so you can enter her vagina and give her the sexual satisfaction. The sexual performance of the man comes under question and it becomes quite an embarrassment for the male gender, additionally giving rise to other problems. This problem is typically known as erectile dysfunction. This can happen at any age any time due to various reasons. Now let’s scrutinize few factors about why it happens, what are the causes, what are the consequences and the ways to treat this problem.

How the trouble starts!
There is no specific reason what causes this disorder among men, but naturally it’s a matter of concern for them. It not only raises a question on their manhood but also matter of their prestige itself. Being stamped as an impotent has a real set back on the psychological base of the man. As penis does not get a proper erection, hence it is unable to penetrate the woman’s vagina properly, leaving them sexually unsatisfied. This trouble can be caused by both physical and psychological issue.

The physical problem
Erectile dysfunction can occur due to several health issues and medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, and hormonal imbalance as well as due to side effects from the medicines. Furthermore, excessive smoking and over abuse of alcohol give rise to this problem.

The Psychological Causes
The next in line that causes male impotency or erectile dysfunction are the psychological problems. This can related to stress, prolonged hours, emotional instability, work or family related problems and various other factors affects the mental health of the person, indirectly affecting the chemical reactions that are responsible for erection of penis in a man or his sex drive. Consequently, the entire above problem results into erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate 100mg.

How does it effects a person
Erectile dysfunction can disrupt your whole life, and in quite a messy way. Your whole relationship goes for a toss as you fail to satisfy your partner sexually. As physical intimacy hits troubled waters, your marriage and relationship too is caught in that whirlwind. As this factor begins to create tension in the relation between the spouses, inturn creating a rift among the couples that can even sometimes lead to separation. Also due to this, you desire to have a child of your own also hits a hurdle, therefore deepening the ravine between the married couple.

The ways to tackle this problem
Though initially this problem seems like a mountain to climb and conquer, but there are ways to treat this disorder. To start with you can consult an urologist or a sexologist to diagnose and treat this problem. There are medications available in the market which can help you to achieve proper erection and perform sexual intercourse without any problem. Drugs like sildenafil citrate are also available in the market which can help you to overcome this problem of erectile dysfunction. Psychological counseling can also be useful to get rid of the stress which sometimes works as an agent of improper hormonal balance. In addition share your worries with your spouse or partner and look for resolution instead of worrying over the problem.

As a conclusion, it can be said that if you are going through this problem then there is no need to panic. Follow few simple steps which are mentioned above and take help of the medications when required. This will not only help you in overcoming your problem, but you will be able to give your partner an amazing time in bed, giving her the ultimate sexual pleasure.

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