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Solutions for Frustrated Parents


Do you have an overweight child? If you do, chances are good that you have already sought out solutions to help your child lose weight. You’ve talked to the pediatrician, you’ve told your child to stop eating junk food and you’ve nagged them to go out and exercise. But nothing has helped. So what’s a good parent to do? More info: lidadaidaihuaslimbuy

Dr. Sarosh Quereshy may have advice that can help. Quereshy is a sports medicine physician who has trained at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Cornell’s Hospital for Special Surgery and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. He has cared for professional athletes, celebrities and was the medical director of three rehabilitation centers in northern New York. The issue of childhood obesity is especially important to him because he was once an obese child.

“These kids have their emotional and physical well-being on the line,” Dr. Quereshy says, speaking from experience. “Childhood is the time where you make habits for life. Now is the time to instill kids with the knowledge, motivation and encouragement to build a healthy foundation for the rest of their lives.”

Together with Dr. Quereshy’s help I put together a few answers to questions that frustrated parents might ask to help their child lose weight.

Question: Experts recommend that I limit my child’s screen time in order to get him to exercise more. But this is easier said than done. What are some other ways that I can encourage my child to exercise?

Set up play dates. Connect with other parents who want their kids to be more active and schedule dates to meet outside or indoors for physical activities like basketball or swimming.

Take the kids to the park. If your kids are too old for the swing set or monkey bars, bring a Frisbee, play tag or play fitness games with the dog.

Schedule screen time. Kids will be less likely to complain about getting off the computer if they know when their next scheduled session will be allowed.

Encourage enrollment in clubs, groups or team sports. Find out what activities are available at school and in your neighborhood.

Exercise together at home. An exercise DVD allows your child to copy you and it creates interest. Younger kids especially love doing yoga with parents. Get a workout DVD or download an app like Super Stretch Yoga.

Add movement to your child’s video games. Older children and teens may enjoy video games that use movement. Games like Just Dance let your child program the music and compete in dance challenges. You can even bring a gaming device to the gym with a system called Goji Play.

It’s too hard– both physically and emotionally- for my overweight child to exercise. Are there some forms of exercise that are better for kids who are overweight? More info: lida daidaihua

Walking, cycling or swimming are great because they don’t require a lot of coordination and kids don’t feel as self-conscience when they do them. And again, exercise videos are good in this situation. They allow your child to exercise in a safe space and at a time that works best for them. It is especially helpful if you do the exercise with them and you are consistent with the program yourself.

My child is used to drinking sugary drinks, juice boxes and junk food because they are available everywhere. I don’t have the time to learn how to prepare a healthy diet at home. Are there any small steps I can take to improve the family diet?

The best way to improve the family diet is to be prepared with a good grocery list. Then, be a smart shopper at the market. Avoid foods with high fructose corn syrup. But also stay away from foods that are processed to be “low-fat” because they are often loaded with sugar. And keep in mind that products like cakes and cookies are not snacks. Remember that kids will eat or drink whatever is in the house. So before you put it in the cart, decide if you want it in your child’s body.

Are there any good books or resources that can help me put together a plan for better health in my home?

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