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Provigil and Pregnancy Safe if done under medical supervision

25/10/13 Tags: health, Provigil

Provigil is a medicine that is prescribed by most health care providers to treat sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy. It helps in enhancing wakefulness in a person. To stay alert and awake throughout day and night is something that every ambitious and career-minded seeks. But often because of excessive sleepiness this becomes a problem and many get distracted and fail in their work because of this one problem. Falling asleep at work is not so inspiring. It often creates a bad impression and for many in the past they have lost their jobs. What people don’t realize is that such sleeps are not in a man’s control. It occurs unexpectedly and it is because of this medical condition called as Narcolepsy. Many employers mistake this for lack of dedication and indiscipline. But now with Provigil you no longer have to be worried about this problem. Provigil online ensures that you are awake and alert.

Before you decide to consume Provigil here are some factors that need to be considered. This factor is especially for ladies who are pregnant. It is not yet clear if Provigil is safe for pregnancy a sin it is yet to be found out if a pregnant lady can consume Provigil. The food and drug administration has no doubt approved this drug as safe and sound. But these were normal tests were conducted. A pregnant lady’s reaction to this drug was not clearly found out. Usually when drugs are not tested on pregnant humans, it is given a category called as Pregnancy Category C.

But a few studies were carried out on animals and it was found out that Provigil may be harmful for the unborn baby. But it is also a matter of fact that humans and animals respond in a different manner. So it cannot be certified as risky totally. This smart drug can definitely be given a benefit of doubt. But to be sure, the best somebody can do is visit a health care provider who can guide you through this and ascertain if you should be taking this pharmaceutical wonder or not. The benefits and risks can be told to you after you have undergone too many screenings. So, for now be wise and do not consume Provigil until you know you have made that visit we spoke about. Apart from these factors, you problem of sleeping during the day will be treated. Just be careful with the precautions and side effects. Even the slightest doubt should be told to your doctor so that you remain safe and sound. Now you can certainly work hard for long hours without any tired feeling or without any interruption of any kind. You can reach new and scaling heights and may be also being appreciated for your hard work.

You can avail this dose of drug at any online drug store and with just a click get it at your place. This keeps you away from the efforts of going Provigil-hunting at medical stores. You won’t regret taking this drug!

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