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Delicious red bean soup to help you do the slim beauty


Red bean is the common food of life, but don’t underestimate these small red beans, they not just nutritious and delicious, affordable, Detox Cellulite slimming yield. Now check out lida daidaihua original provide you with the recommended 3 delicious red bean soup, and allow you to easily Cellulite At the same time, but additionally detoxifies.
Red beans Slimming principle
Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and lots of minerals, blood, urine, swelling along with other multiple effects, not only that, red beans high fiber low-fat, detoxification to talk about, regular consumption can make your waist and legs more and more slim. Postpartum eat red beans, not just thin, but additionally prolactin.
Red beans and Adlay soup
Material: raw barley 20 grams, 30 grams of red beans
1 red beans and barley wash after soaking half-day, drain backup;
Barley add boiling to Join semi-soft red beans cooked, adding rock sugar to become dissolved following the flame could be eaten.
Weight-loss effect: red beans Qi and blood, advantages of water swelling; barley Spleen water, heat pus. After consuming, skincare advantages of water swelling.
Lotus lily, red bean paste
Material: red beans 500 grams, of Bailian 30 grams, lily 10 grams, the quantity of dried tangerine peel, about 500 grams of crystal sugar
1 red beans, lotus seeds, lily cleaned with water immersion for two hours;
(2) water to boil, red beans (and bean dip water) and dried tangerine peel, lotus seeds, lily in to the pot; Boil simmered for 2 hours, and finally burn with fire for half an hour;
Burning to the red beans in the sand and the amount of moisture, sugar to taste, sweetness, according to their love.
Tips: red beans do not soak too much time, one to two hours can be dried tangerine peel, do not use too much, however it should be good. Can be added to water within the production process, but the proportion of beans and water depends upon personal preference, obviously, red bean cannot be cooked not enough bean, red bean soup could be a little thin. Crystal sugar moderately, we must finally add. More info: lida pills
Red beans black rice
Raw materials: red beans, black rice, white sugar
Red beans and black rice washed, soaked with water for more than 5 hours.
The soaking water drained, black rice, red beans and the quantity of cold water in to the pot, boil, visit the heat and simmer until cooked sugar can.
Efficacy: blood beauty, slimming Cellulite.
If you want to lose weight quickly, try Xiaobian you recommend these e delicious red bean soup diet enables you to eat delicious, thin quickly, the bottom line is to insist on taking in winter, but additionally enables you to better repel the cold Oh!

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