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Asthma During Pregnancy: Treatment and Management

22/07/13 Tags: asthma attack, health

Asthma is a chronic breathing issue that affects majority of people across the globe. It develops regardless of age and gender. Even pregnant women may suffer through the issue and it might become dangerous for the mother and her baby too. Asthma develops because of the inflammation of lining of the passage of the airways or the swelling of the muscles surrounding it. Allergens, climatic conditions, hormonal changes, exercise, upper respiratory infections etc triggers the condition and causes symptoms. A sufferer may suffer from asthma attack which is often characterized by the signs such as coughing, chest tightness or pain, wheezing, shortness of breath etc. Women who have medical history of asthma deal with frequent asthma attacks while some develops asthma after being pregnant. However use generic albuterol asthma inhaler as per medical advice.

It is very well-known fact that medicine consumption in pregnancy leads to harmful effects on the unborn baby. This is the most obvious reason many women refuse to get treated for this breathing disorder in pregnancy. But the worse thing is that uncontrolled asthma attack is also not good for the growing child inside you. During asthma attack, oxygen supply abates to greater levels thus causing harm to the lady and her unborn child too. It may develop serious complications such as high blood pressure in the pregnant lady, pre-eclampsia, low birth weight and premature delivery.

As mention earlier, treatment must be started the moment you know that you are an asthma sufferer. Take an appointment of gynecologist and lung specialist doctor to get better treatment. If you are taking drugs for asthma generic albuterol since longer then you must tell your gynecologist about the same. Inform your lung specialist that you have conceived. This helps a lot in deciding the type and dosage of the drug. Your health care provider may change the dosage of the drug or write a new prescription for you.

Most popular form of asthma treatment is the use of inhalers. These are very fast in their action and thus give you quick result. You need to inhale the medication present in the inhaler at the time of the asthma attack. The drug goes inside the airways relieving the symptoms and thus the person feels better with improved breathing pattern. Dosages vary as per the severity of symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe oral drugs for you along with inhaler medication. Your physician will choose the drugs that won’t harm your baby.

Along with generic albuterol inhaler for asthma treatment, your doctor may prescribe you antihistamine pills if the asthma you are suffering from gets triggered by allergens. Upper reparatory tract infection causes nasal congestion that can be treated with oral decongestants. Whatever drug your doctor has prescribed you, you must get the lung monitoring done by the doctor. And go for periodic ultrasound test to see the growth of the unborn baby.

Even if you are taking medications and everything is going smoothly, you must take precautionary measures in order to prevent asthma attack. Avoid smoking; keep your home and work place clean and dust-free to avoid asthma attack.

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