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5 kinds of staple food to boost your satiety


The staple food is indispensable, and the way we advocate to shed weight is diet to eat minus the staple food , even can not consume the staple food. But it’s difficult that do not eat the staple food. What is the staple food fit to eat to shed weight? Effective diet pills network recommend the staple food that it is more desirable for eating to lose weight , the staple food of low quantity of heat , it offers probably the most proper care of coarse grains , eat coarse grains can embellish aperient bowel , prevent constipation . Weight reduction for which to consume the staple food , recommend 5 types of slimming food for you.

Corn is really a gramineous plant corn seeds. Corn is the best health coarse grains, food corn help to human health. 1 root fresh corn (160 grams, 74 grams of edible part), 78 calories. Because corn contains more fat, therefore the corn is easy to rancidity metamorphism in the storage process. You had better eat fresh corn. Cellulose content in corn is high, can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis.
Oat is also referred to as naked oats, naked oats, often called jade, is a type of low sugar, high nutrition, high energy food. Oat is okay processing in to the cereal, edible is much more convenient, taste is also improved, be a popular health food. Standard (100 g) oat 367 calories. Oats can effectively reduce cholesterol in your body.
Macaroni also referred to as Italy noodles, is one of the most common flour products. Macaroni is generally selected rich starch grain crushing, gel, modified, extruding, drying and made a variety of good taste, unique flavor of food. Standard (100 g) within 350 calories of warmth. More info >>original lida daidaihua
Sweet potato
1 small yams (130 grams, 117 grams of edible part) yams are full of sugar, cellulose and a number of vitamins, lysine containing, much higher than rice, flour, also includes rich carotene.
Potato starch content more, crisp texture or silty, and vegetables, potatoes, rice, wheat and corn, sorghum, together known as the worlds five major crops. 1 small potato (130 grams, 122 grams of edible part) heat about 93 calories. Potato includes a lot of starch and protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, can promote this enzymatic function of spleen and stomach.
In fact, even when youre dieting you may also be appropriate to eat some food, because not every staples like rice flour as simple to get fat, and appropriate to eat the staple food simpler to enhance satiety and gratification, so that as a type of coarse grain oats but maintain gastrointestinal health master.

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