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3 Reasons Guys Can’t Lose Weight


Women get all the attention when it comes to dieting. If you don’t believe me, just visit the weight loss section of your local bookstore. You’ll see dozens of guides that help women slim down but you’ll see very few books with men on the cover. And yet, there’s a widely held belief that weight loss is easy for men. I disagree. In many ways, I think guys have it harder.

Dieting doesn’t have a masculine appeal. When you think about manly get-togethers, do you imagine low-calorie recipe swaps? No. You probably imagine guys sitting on the couch, drinking beer, watching football and eating cheese and beef loaded nachos. At least that’s the stereotype. More info: lidadaidaihuaslimbuy

Most diets don’t take man-friendly goals into account. For example, most men don’t want to get skinny. They want to get lean. Most guys would prefer to maintain their muscle and just get rid of the excess flab. To do that they need to eat enough food and the right amount of protein. Just cutting calories won’t work.

Guys are less likely to know the health implications of their weight. Let’s face it, men don’t like going to the doctor. They are less likely to know their cholesterol levels, their blood pressure and the general state of their overall health. For that reason, they may not have the health incentive to change their weight.

Of course, this post is being written by a women, largely based on stereotypes. So guys, if you disagree, please let me know! Chime in on my Facebook page (where many men share their tips!) You should also check out my Complete Guide to Weight Loss for Men, a list of tips and guides compiled for men by men who are diet, exercise and weight loss experts. More info: lida daidaihua

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