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Wenger and Ferguson are great stories for football


Chelsea coach Conte attended the pre-game conference FIFA Coins in the FA Cup semi-final against Southampton. Inevitably, the reporter asked him questions about Wenger’s departure.

“We must pay tribute to his career in Arsenal. He and Ferguson, we are talking about the past two coaches who spent a long time in a club. He has worked at Arsenal for 22 years and is very great and incredible.

“Wenger is one of those coaches who have had a huge impact on football. Throughout his time, through his football philosophy, he wants to kick good-looking football, creative football and offensive football. He deserves our pay tribute.

“Not only the respect of Arsenal, but also the tribute of football circles around the world. We are talking about one of the best coaches in the world.

“It’s hard to see a coach stay in a club for so long in the future. I think Wenger and Ferguson are really a great story for football.”

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