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The New York Yankees beat the home team Tampa Bay Rays with a 4-1 score at home


The Major League Baseball ended a contest. The Midland East’s strong New York Yankees played at home, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays team in the same area with a score of 4-1. Romain’s home run is the key to Yankee’s victory. After the campaign, Yankee expanded its advantage with the third-name sailor team of the wild card, and the difference between the two sides came to 6.5.

[data highlights]

New York Yankee

The starting pitcher JA-Happ 7 was only knocked out of a hit in the 7th game, but sent 4 times to send, and also sent 4 strikeouts, no self-blame and loss; Terminator Chapman got the 31st rescue of the season . In the blow, the teenager Miguel Andujar hit 2 hits in 4 hits; Román 3 hits 1 hit is a home run; another teenager Torres 4 hits without hits and is also struck Twice.


Tampa Bay Rays

Really first-handed Jay-Bicks played in the second game. In the 5th game, only 2 hits were scored, including one home run with two points, and eight strikeouts. In terms of combat, the game only knocked out 3 hits in the whole game. The shortstop Adamaz hit a Yangchun home run and hit the team’s only point.

[game progress]

Yankee’s first pitcher, J.A.-Happ, sent the first great Marx-Smith, but he stabilized his position and solved the next three hitters. It was Yankee’s turn, and the fake first-hander Hunter Wood, Giancarlo-Stanton hit a second base and took advantage of the shortstops of the shortstops to take advantage of the third base. Aaron Hicks hit a timely hit in the middle field and Yankee hit the first point of the game. Then Didi Gregolius also hit the hit, Greg Bird was selected to save, Yankee once captured the full base, but the ball hit by Grebe Torres was the third baseman Matt. Duffy stopped and passed the first base to block Torres, ending this half game.

The second game of the ray sent a real starter, Jay-Bix, who traded from the Red Sox in the season. Bix lived up to expectations, and came up three times and three times, which also struck the catcher Ostin Romen, ending this half game.

More and more teams are taking advantage of the true and false starter tactics of the opponent, and Jaren Bix’s fake starter mission is not bad.

In the small crisis that Happ suffered in the first half of the fourth game, the top three hitters captured the base bag in different ways. Although Duffy was arrested when he stole the thief, but after the CJ-Clone hit the hit, it still formed a situation in which the two men were at the base. At the crucial time, Harper stabilized his position and solved the two consecutive problems, ending the small crisis in this half. In the second half of the fourth game, Bix was the big three-vibration show. The three outs were all struck by the three strikes. Miguel-Andujar, Greg Bird and Torres became his soul.

Yankee expanded the score in the second half of the fifth game. Neil Walker, who was an outfielder, was selected for the first time. Then he hit the first goal of Osting Romen. It was a 92 mph. Red mid-speed ball, Romain sent the ball out of the right field outside the home wall, 3-0, Yankee expanded the lead.

Yankee almost continued to expand the lead in the seventh inning, and Andujar could die in the home base. The second half of Harper’s seventh game is still pitching. Although the ball is not stable, Carlos Gomez is still on the corner. He is still relying on the low corner of the corner to kick Kevin Kilmayer. This is also his. The last number of outbounds caught in the campaign.

In the eighth inning, Yankees sent Delin-Betansis to pitch, and his first goal was caught by Willy Adames, hitting the home run in the opposite direction. 1-3, the light first recovers one point. Betansis then stabilized his position, first hitting Michael Perez on behalf of the team, and let Smith and Duffy continue to play, keeping this half.

Yankee continued to expand the lead in the second half of the eighth game. After the two players went out, Andujar hit the second base and he was replaced by Shaun Robinson. Byrd also hit a long fight at this time, and when he returned to Robinson, he also went to second base. 4-1, Yankee will return to lead by 3 points.

In the ninth game, Robinson went to the outfield, and Neil Walker returned to the familiar infield defense zone. The Terminator Alodis Chapman played and scored 3 outs in 9 goals and won the 31st rescue of the season. With a final score of 4-1, Yankee won the divisional civil war.

[both sides first]

New York Yankee

First stick left fielder Brett Gardner

Second rod designated blow Giancarlo-Stanton

The third stick, the fielder, Aaron Hicks

Fourth rod, shortstop, Didi Gregolius

Fifth Bar Third Baseman Miguel-Andujar

Sixth Bar First Baseman Greg Bird

Seventh Bar Second Baseman Graber Torres

Eighth Rod Right Outfielder Neil Walker

Ninth Bar Catcher Osting-Roman

Starting pitcher J.A.-Happ

Tampa Bay Rays

First stick left fielder Malex Smith

Second rod third baseman Matt Duffy

Third Bar First Baseman Jake Bowers

Fourth rod specified hit CJ-clone

Fifth Bar Second Baseman Joey Wendell

Sixth Bar Right Outfielder Carlos Gomez

The seventh bar, the fielder, Kevin Kilmer

Eighth Rod Shortstop Willy Adames

Ninth Bar Catcher Hessus-Sucre

Starter pitcher Hunt Wood

[Next look]

Tomorrow is still in this venue, the two sides will continue to confront. The ray will send a young Jacob-Faria starter. Faria played on the road six times this year, only paying 1 win and 2 defeats to score 7.24, which is not very good. Yankees will send Luis Seisa to fight first, and he is replacing the injured veteran CC-Sabathia into the rotation. His previous three-time self-blame rate was only 3.14, but only scored 1 win and 2 losses. Counting the game from the cowshed, there are 8 games in total. His self-blame rate is 4.50. .

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