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The last angel is you


Life is alive, do not have to be so lonely drifting, perhaps more comfortable than love shrouded. Everything has a cruel side, including love, especially when love goes away. A person’s time there is a person’s emotions quiet, the lonely time used to build the heart of the full castle, there will always be an angel live in.

To the present age, no one wants to please others. With whom who is comfortable with who, including relatives and friends is also tired to hide a little more. To please others is not as happy as yourself. People would rather lonely, but also against the heart; would rather regret, nor will it. Can be into my heart, I stay to the king; as my heart, disdain to perfunctory. Past shades, color, such as clear, has been light; years of joy and joy, as the mirror, has been quiet. Fingers too wide, too thin time, a lifetime really short … … if you know how to cherish, if you do not understand please leave.

Shallow time, jumping the text, how dash warm, holding a quiet Enron, hold a quiet heart, not dyed sad. I feel happy in the line between the lines, do not care whether it is literary range of children.

The so-called literary style children, not drinking coffee, in the dim light of the light holding a book or listening to a music “appearance”, but have their own world, according to their own wishes to live “real” The Bitter also eat, tired also suffer, life can be plain and plain, but the heart is full and powerful. Let the outside world how hustle and bustle, but the heart has a quiet indifferent. This may be a temperament.

The so-called temperament, not the text of the eyebrow painted powder, in the hustle and bustle of the street holding a valuable handbag or go to the senior coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee “illusion”, but has a wealth of knowledge to decorate their own world, along With their own ideas to change their “true”. Pain also suffer, sweet also suffer, life can mix, appearance is noble and elegant, let the people around how to evaluate, bones but has a special beauty. This may be a connotation.

Connotation of the practice need to endure loneliness. Not because of loneliness to participate in some not suitable for their own entertainment, to cater to some of their own groups, love some people at your fingertips, do some unwilling and unwilling things. Everyone has a lonely time, a lot of people are not you imagine the drunk fans, they are unknown that lonely, but we did not see nothing, not because of a moment confused, empty upset your long-standing thinking.

We are the same, we must first learn to bear the life must go through the loneliness, so it disappeared when you will see the prosperity of the prosperity. We can not be an orange, let others throw their own dry, but should be a fruit tree, Chunhua Qiushi, prosperous every year. To understand that single loneliness is your face of knowledge, hungry, Heiner rivers of prime time. When you are tired, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath, tell yourself that you will stick to it. Do not easily deny yourself, who says you do not have a good future, about tomorrow, after the genius know. Before everything gets better, we’re going to experience some setbacks. Not because of your own flaws and give up a section of insistence, even if no one for your applause, but also elegantly thank you for their hard and hard to pay. And its brook to talk, it is better to calmly thinking.

In the past, I no matter how much trouble are looking for people to talk; now big, met things and setbacks, and rarely thought to talk. You want to keep an elegant distance with others, naturally learned to self-digest and forget the pain of the ability. Those who have been intimate, and later disappeared alienated friends, we do not have to blame the other side with a new friend, do not have to regret friendship friendship fleeting, some things seem to be accidental reality is inevitable.

The road of life is still very long, many people can only accompany you one of them. Separate must have discomfort conditions and things appear, be able to meet together at the right time, happy, happy, has been very good. This way came to meet so many people, but also missed so many people, still several people who were injured at the same time, you see that a few have always been delicate people put on their own armor. Life is like this, those who made mistakes, leaving the regret, are to punish me and you are prepared with.

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