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Textile And Chemical Fiber Raw Material Prices Have Increased Heating Industry – Oil Pipe


Silk, cotton and wool prices soared, so that listed companies engaged in silk linen fabric for sale and a few other companies Xinsaigufen and Xinnongkaifa benefit; and Linda Silk, Jiangsu Sunshine, Huafang textile enterprises are suffering material price increases of raw materials with to cost pressures. According to foreign media sources quoted the Ministry of Commerce, the current cost of silk has soared to its highest level in 15 years, the price of silk products in the near future will increase 10% -20%.

Foreign media that China is the world’s largest supplier of silk, but the rapid industrialization of the industry away from valuable agricultural land, supply shrinking, that coincides with the rise of demand, which formed a squeeze on the market. China silk trading market data, cocoon prices have doubled since early 2009 has been to mid-April of this year rose to 92,700 yuan per ton. Since November 2008 has also ushered in a magnificent cotton rise. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Cotton Contract (1009) prices from 10,650 yuan / ton up to yesterday’s 17,335 yuan / ton, or nearly 70%.

Wool, wool in Australia from 2008 to 2009 the lowest index to the 720 east / kg, 2009 ~ 2010 up to 930 / kg, have recently been adjusted to 884 / kg. China wool integrated information index lowest point last year close to 4200, rose to 5,553, or up to 32%. According to industry sources, the price of silk is in at least the highest level in 15 years; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) data showed that the crude price of wool for the carpet at least the highest level since 1980; in New York trading the U.S. cotton futures prices are approaching 14-year high.
Shang Zhengbao Information Display, the industry classification of countries according to Shenyin Cheng, 65 textile and garment companies, of which 26 clothing and textile 39. In the 39 textile enterprises, involving the most upstream raw materials is very small.

Cotton prices rose, enabling support of rayon price formation, viscose cotton has a strong substitution effect. Since last year, prices rose viscose, 28 chemical fiber sector benefited greatly increased performance. Hubei Golden Ring, O ocean science and technology, Shandong Hailong, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber and so in 2009 and first quarter 2010 net profit increase of twice the year all exceeded. In addition, the first quarter of this year, good effect of spandex production enterprises. The first quarter of this year, Woori Holding, Yantai Spandex, Huafeng Spandex net profit attributable to parent company were 906% year on year increase of 599% and 400%, chemical fibers in all the best.

As addition to natural fibers such as cotton, wool silk rose, the Cotton and Linen supplier raw materials, including fiber, rayon, spandex and other prices rising sharply, the cost of increasing the pressure garment enterprises. Tianshan Textile Main sweater, cashmere sweater, 2009, six textile companies affiliated subsidiaries, only one profitable. Linda recently listed silk cocoon spinning through the acquisition of another garment, clothing 70% of its main income. International Silk price increases, will boost domestic silk prices. However, Linda Silk who said yesterday that the international silk price increase does not affect the company.

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