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Precautions for drinking tea


1. Choose the right medicine tea. Medicinal tea is a traditional treatment, in the use of the process, we must choose the right formula. For example, patients with stomach pain, if the faint stomachache, general spit water, hi warm press, stool thin, pale tongue, pulse slow those who belong to the cold, warm and cold should be used in the leaves of tea; if the stomach pain A long time, long time difficult to cure, red tongue dry mouth, sometimes noisy, constipation for the stomach Yin, Yin and stomach should be used Dendrobium, wheat door winter tea; if the stomach pain, swollen Excretion of acid, vomiting indigestion, vomiting pain reduction, moss thick greasy persons, is a food stagnant coke, should be used digestion stagnation of stagnation of tea, hawthorn tea. The previous example shows that the choice and application of herbal tea is an important task. If there is no differentiation of symptoms and signs between stomach pains and cold and hot diseases, it is impossible to obtain a reasonable application effect. Dialectical election party, but also from the analysis of a cold to be inspired. There are also cold and heat of the cold, there are points of seasons. Cold common cold, Yixin temperature solution table, should use Sang Ju tea, manna tea and so on. Accurate dialectical, quasi-medicine tea side, it may be achieved significant results.

2 use the right water. In order to play the effectiveness of herbal tea, we must pay attention to the selection of appropriate water. In general, tea should use soft water, fresh water. According to experts’ study, tea is best in spring, with less impurities and soft water quality. With the river, lake, river, must be fully boiled, the acid carbonate decomposition, precipitation, water softening. Otherwise, it can be combined with the tea polyphenols, affecting the tea effect. More bleach in tap water can be stored overnight or extended boiling time. Well water generally calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and oxidized substances up, use it to brew blister tea, tea will emerge a thin layer of “color oil”, affecting the medicinal effect of tea.

3. Tea should pay attention to drinking methods. Medicinal tea drinking methods are mainly bubble, fried, transferred three: ① bubble. Is to take flowers or cut into thin slices, mashed, or made of the end of the tea party, or teabag, block tea. Take the right amount of tea placed in the boiled water into, and then covered with a lid, stewing 15 to 30 minutes, you can drink, to the degree of lightness. ② fried. Refers to the part of the compound tea, medicine and more, no less than the cup, but also, there is a part of Atsugi, nourishing drug flavor is not easy to bubble out, and naturally reduce tea side efficacy. Therefore, we must make a total of compound herbal tea made of coarse powder, decoction decoction with a casserole, add water decoction 2-3 times, the combined decoction filter, into a thermos flask, drink frequently on behalf of the tea. ③ transfer. Some tea prescription for the powder, add a small amount of boiled water transferred into a paste, such as the Eight Immortals tea.

4. Select the appropriate tea time to drink. The choice of drinking tea time, should be based on the nature of tea and disease conditions may be. Such as sweating table with the use of tea, should be warm drink Dayton, regardless of time, the disease so far, sweating to a slight degree of sweat, sweating can not sweat so as to avoid collapse. Tonic tea should be taken before meals to make it fully absorbed, irritating to the gastrointestinal tract of tea, should be taken after a meal to reduce gastrointestinal irritation. Diarrhea herbal tea should be taken in the morning fasting to make it fully absorbed, and to observe the number of stool after taking medicine, such as quality, such as diarrhea times too much, edible cold porridge that is. Soothe the nerves tea, should be taken before going to sleep at night. Epidemic medicine tea, should grasp the popular season selection. Elderly health tea, herbal tea for the treatment of chronic diseases, there should be a certain law, so that the regular and lasting.

5. medication tea taboo. Clinical drinking tea, in order to ensure safe and effective, in addition to pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine “nineteen fear”, “eighteen anti” and pregnancy taboo, but also should pay attention to medication “diet.” After people get sick to take medicine to avoid taboos, this is a scientific and rational, people are sick, the human body undergoes a series of complex pathological changes, some foods are good for the disease, and some have side effects after eating food. Therefore, drinking tea diet. Rufu table drugs, should be banned cold, acidic, cough and anti-asthma drugs, should be fasting fish and shrimp food; service detoxification drugs should be fasting greasy spicy, stench foods; Class, sweet potato and so on.

In addition, drinking tea, also with all kinds of tea drinking, the following common sense should know the following common sense: ① young children should drink light tea; ② adolescent sexual development, should drink green tea; @ young women and menopausal women, irritability, Drink tea to Shugan Jieyu, qi regulating; ④ exogenous wind cold tea as well, dysentery patients drink green tea as well; ⑤ arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral embolism patients should drink Tieguanyin; ⑥ diabetic patients drink old Song tea, That is, more than 70 years old tea leaves as well; ⑦ Cellulite weight loss should drink green tea, hypertension and cancer prevention to better take green tea cold drink; ⑧ the elderly drink black tea can reduce constipation; ⑨ manual workers should drink black tea; Quiet composition or work, should drink green tea.

Drink tea, but also need to understand the “tea bogey”: a bogey hot tea hurt, two cold tea cold stagnation condensate sputum, three bogey stomach cold drink too much tea, four bogey lactating women drink tea, five avoid coronary heart disease Who drink excessive tea, six avoid aspirin after drinking tea, seven bogey tea take medicine, eight bogey dilute gastric juice, impede digestion, nine bogey drink tea overnight, hurt the stomach, people lose weight, ten avoid drinking moldy tea .

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