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Pet-mould has manufacturing processes PET Preform Mould

24/02/18 Tags: PET Preform Mould

We are manufacturing PET Preform Mould, Cap closure Mould and PET Stretch Blow Moulds & customized mould solutions. We have adopted latest engineering innovation, metalworking technologies and mould making. We know-how to design, manufacture and test PET preform mould. Our PET preform mould assures the customer to produce high-quality PET preforms at high productivity, but with most economical investment, shortest start-up time and lowest maintenance cost.

We know that moulding system plays an important role in food, beverage and packaging industry. With our PET preform mould medium and small size company can produce PET Mould, Bottles, Jars etc by themselves and also satisfy their production requirement in PET field. That’s why we are enjoying a good reputation on manufacturing close tolerance moulds manufactured to the customers’ requirements.

We are one of the top-ranked companies which are in the line of manufacture, export and import of a wide range of high quality of PET Preform Mould. In the array of our products are also included these industrial precision moulds. These industrial precision moulds are generally used for the manufacture of industrial instruments and tools made of highly robust and tensile materials. These moulds are very much efficient in imparting even the minute and fine order of shapes to the metallic equipments. Our industrial precision moulds are available to our clients at a very beneficial range of prices.

Pet-mould has manufacturing processes which encompasses capabilities in SMC Compression Molding, Reaction Injection Molding and Thermoforming. The primary marketplaces that we service, but are not limited to, are the agricultural, industrial, construction, forestry and military markets. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, focusing on safety, quality, and delivery; to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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