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Path Of Exile Offers (Some) Details On What To Expect From Update 3.3.0


Grinding Gear Games merely month far from revealing the total scope of POE Currency update. Until then, however, they’ve thought we would answer many of the players’ questions on what to expect — stuff like whether or otherwise the update is undoubtedly an expansion or even a league, or when they’ll be running an alpha test with the update.

As as it happens, the update will probably be branded like a league, but promises to get bigger than an average league offering. A true expansion happens to be being labored on for release later this coming year. Since this update is primarily a league, the following thing the update addresses is what it’ll be like, noting the developers desired to “reinforce the core of the items makes Cheap POE Currency fun to try out”. This means there’ll be many monster slaying and experience and what to earn.

The update is now expected to become released on June 1, together with the Xbox One version following. Prior to that, prepare yourself for some, in reality, be an Alpha test for 3.3.0.

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