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NO.2 Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens – 79 OVR


Lamar Jackson might be most likely the most intriguing QB to know as in Madden 19. If you sim a good amount of games in Franchise, he’s likely not the biggest pick within the minute. But holy hell, his base ratings cause him to be enjoyable. The stud athlete clocks a 91 Speed, generating him not only the fastest QB through the Madden NFL Overdrive Coins game, although only 1 who breaks 90 because category. He also sports a 93 Ball Carrier Vision, an 86 Spin, 89 Juke, and 94 Throw Energy. His accuracy scores (83 Short, 80 Mid, 74 Deep) can result generally in most wild throws, but his running scores brings about several simple earliest downs shortly after escaping the pocket. Watch out with this just one.
NO.3 Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals – 78 OVR
Though your initial two guys listed both fit the QB Scrambler Player Archetype, Rosen could possibly be the only 1 on the major 5 listed below Field Common. Should you choose an exceptionally more conventional pocket passer, Rosen will be the quick pick in Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins your case here. When his QB base ratings are strong adequate, Rosen’s Accuracy scores at 89 Brief and 85 Mid will be to be the greatest inside rookie class. If your playstyle follows the harder regular QB models over the considerably more mobile possibilities, then Rosen will be the guy in the rookie class. Just don’t leave the pocket.

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