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Mining Machinery Industry should Value the Independent Brand


According to the current condition of our country, we must insist on two strategies ways to ensure the quick development of mining industry: First, we should combine the existing cooperation mode with foreign mature design and production technology. Second, tread the large enterprise as the backbone, the Ultrafine Mill industry should break a national rejuvenation road for the mining machinery. Mining enterprise should introduce the mature technology and production and then build the domestic brands with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of independent research. Nowadays, the latter way is the trend of domestic mining industry.

Brand is a manifestation of the core technology of one enterprise. The first class brand represents all aspects of the company strength. As a kind of intangible assets and the image of one company, brand also reflects the strong competition ability of one company. According to the continuous introduction of new technology, new craft and the new material, the technological content of the mining machinery brand can be improved. Then the mining machinery can remain the invincible position in the fierce marketing competition. Nowadays, our country is lack of mining enterprise that has famous brand. In some large scaled construction sites, there has no traces of mining machine that produced by domestic mining manufacturer.

Energy saving, environmental and safety are the main sustainable development trends of the mining machinery industry in the 21 century. Those trends have the significant influence on the domestic mining machinery. The innovation of mining industry should follow those trends to have strong vitality. The breach of domestic mining machinery is to research the new mining machine with less energy and lower power consumption. machinery obtains dozens of patents and is the largest mining company in the domestic mining industry. Among those patents, the grinding and crushing machine is the significant machine. This machine can save about 80% of the energy. It is the leader in the mining industry.

Additional, the brand has a strong timeliness. No one can guarantee that today’s brand is the tomorrow’s brand. The brand effect is dynamic. To maintain the brand position, the mining enterprise should use the innovation spirit, good production and service and the appropriate propaganda to maintain the influence of the own brand.

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