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Jazz advantage in the inside is obviously extended


In the second quarter, the rosters of the two teams continued to NBA MT Coins fight against each other. George even continued to score and pass the Thunder offensively. The jazz’s advantage in the inside line was clearly continuous and the front line board continued to play with the outside shooter. After the main force came back, the Jazz set a lead in two consecutive three-pointers, the Thunder’s offensive efficiency dropped significantly, and the Jazz made several counterattacks.

In the second half of this section, Anthony was able to take over the game and play consecutive games to help the Thunder bite off the points. Wei also scored three points with Brewer’s bottom corner and the Thunder only had 3 points. Rubio responded to a three-pointer, and George immediately caused a kill. However, the Jazz has a very good control over the rebounding. As long as the Thunder can’t beat it, it will resolutely advance the counterattack. At halftime, Sir Jazz led the Thunder 53-46.

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