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Failed to start the five strategies


Over the past two decades, the survival rate of small businesses has been unstable. Only 20% of all new businesses exceeded the first year. Five years later, 50% of the new business no longer exists, only one-third can enjoy 10 years of commemoration.

The entrepreneur solved the legal formalities of a failed entrepreneurial company, including disbanding it with the state, and they were also faced with a headline that surrounded the failed business sense. It’s hard to get back there again. You need a lot of courage, confidence and solid strategy to re-enter the track – whether you believe that your failure of the start-up companies are ready for you.

If your first business is unsuccessful, then you can use the lesson “fail” to teach you how to bounce.

As a reflection of the time, please refer to “failure”
Use the “failure” of the moment to reflect and think about what happened. Where are you wrong? Is this your practice? Have you underestimated your market? Did you spend too much or try to grow too fast? Do you lack support or guidance? Keep track of what you’ve learned and see mistakes as a valuable experience for the next step in business improvement. You may even find your blog about your experience. Transparency is vital to your customers and share an honest account that explains the problems that will help you and your business with authentic light in front of your audience.

Seek feedback
One of the reasons for the failure of a start-up company is lack of feedback. Some entrepreneurs take their ideas so that they can not access anyone. Often, the reason for this is probably the reason that this idea will be stolen by competitors to fight for perfection, hoping to seize the eyes of investors. Since the business has ceased to exist, you can use this time to request feedback from partners, suppliers and even employees. Encourage them to work with you, from business to product itself. Tell yourself, admit what happened, especially if you work with people who have a common problem.

3. Develop new business strategies
You’ve been using time to reflect what’s going on in the first recovery, and now it’s time to avoid repeating the same problems that occurred during the previous failed startup process. Consider the following aspects.

If you run out of money … more attention ROI. Research shows that more than half of the business because of lack of capital or from the beginning without profit and opened.

If your partner is not efficient … try to be alone in your next business. In order to succeed, its entire team from employees to partners needs to be fully engaged in their future.

If your investors go south … choose a firm’s organic growth. Start small, so you will not fail big, and know that no external investors, your success will be your own.

To avoid “fast and fast” approach
So your business has failed.

The opportunity is high and you assume some debt, like small business loans, and worry about quick payments. If you put money on your list of priorities, you may jump into a single ultimate goal is to earn millions of dollars in the plan. Do not do this your start-up company is your baby, and you will invest a lot of time and effort to put it into use, so that you are excited and solve the customer’s concerns.

If you are not ready, do not rush yourself
In some ways, the bounce back may be like dealing with splitting and bouncing to the first relationship immediately after you find it. Not all of these relationships are successful because you are not able to digest what is happening and make your priorities back to normal. Do not rush into a new business risk because you are worried about keeping an invisible timeline for your life set for your life. You may find that rest time is helpful and use time to clear your mind. Or you may want to re-enter the business community as an employee to get extra inspiration.

Choosing is all of you, but no matter what you do, do not force the next thing to go. Let your passion and motivation naturally push you forward. If you set foot on your own pace, do what strategy to do on the next step, put the focus on your phone, the next thing you started may be just a part of what you have been trying.

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