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Do not need auspicious Ding powder can also make pudding


The double rice pudding to be introduced today is a bit more complicated than the rice pudding that was issued yesterday. The taste is very different.
The taste of rice pudding favor silky cream, while the double rice pudding is more delicate and delicate to eat. I personally prefer the second ~


Left: Rice pudding Right: Double rice pudding

Rice pudding

~ Two meters version ~

➣ Rice (60g)

➣ Millet (60g)

➣ eggs (1)

➣ milk powder (50g)

Swill (600ml)

If you use pure milk:

Milk (250ml), Water (400ml)

➣ white silly sugar (see you like, I think it does not add sugar is also very sweet)
I heard you want to eat millet?


1. unscrupulous, the size of rice and milk (or milk) made rice milk paste.

After the size rice is boiled with water, milk is added, and the food machine is used to crush it; or directly using a soya-bean milk maker/breaker to directly paste several ingredients into a paste.

But I think Amway a more economical and thick milk method:

The size of rice before going to bed stew beaker heated water (600ml) stew to rotten. (Ordinary insulated cup is also OK, anyway, these two kinds of rice super easy to cooked) ▽
what? You say you do not have a thermos cup?

As a middle-aged man after 90, it is time to establish a sense of regimen, and to buy a good boy ……

The next day (in fact, three hours is enough) and then use the cooking machine labeled rice cereal, add milk powder and mix well. ▽
2. knock an egg, break into egg liquid. ▽
3. The white sugar, rice milk and egg mixture, get pudding paste friends ~ ▽

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