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China Snake Hook is a good choice tool

23/02/18 Tags: Snake Hook

As soon as the snake hunting in the wild is mentioned, many people will feel fizzy. As soon as I saw the snake, I was afraid and could not approach. I even dared not catch it. In fact, apart from the snake snake if the understanding of the living habits of the snakes, the snake’s environment and activities of the law to be aware of, and at the same time grasp the basic essentials of snake hunting and common methods, play a “right-wing man” role. Snake caught both the ideal snake, but also not bitten by a snake, to avoid accidental hand injuries caused by catching. Snake Hook is a good choice tool.

Curved snakes are not a good tool in your arsenal, at the weight of either Western Diamondback Rattlesnake or Wooden Rattlesnake. The equipment we use is designed with our safety in mind and snake safety. Our hooks and pliers are made of aircraft-quality aluminum, so it costs a lot of money to damage them.

We have always questioned what is the most effective tool for relocating snakes, especially poisonous snakes. Straightforward answer is absolutely common sense! The novice should not move the poisonous snake, if you do not know if it is toxic, let it alone. The best idea is always to look at the snake in its natural habitat and continue to leave the snake as you complete the observation. If you really want to relocate the snake, we strongly recommend snake hooks and snake pliers combination.

Commercially manufactured Snake Tongs are from 24 to about 50 inches in length, while commercial snake pliers have a length of from about 24 to 60 inches. With the pliers, the shorter the control time, the better, but we know that many people usually can not get closer to the actual poisonous snake. The longer the pliers, the harder it is to manage. To get rid of a mature rattlesnake with 52 or 60 inch pliers, almost everyone needs to use a second hand on the shaft and naturally place one foot in front of the other, which may negate the long The advantages of pliers. Long pincers may be better used to extract snakes from below shrubs or from buildings in the area.

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