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preparation for hair


the dragon fish is to take if you have long hair. at mid length, the result will be less impressive and more difficult to maintain. if your hair is long and that you have no hard to achieve, let your hair straight or at least flexible. they will be easier to work with is relaxed. finally, from the council, you comb your hair braiding head, fish in the wake of the hair and not the putting away. https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk/category-18-b0-Glueless-Lace-Wigs.html

a required maximized, do your hair wet hair or fish instead of hair that you haven’t washed the same day. indeed, they are dirty, their dress is maximized.

to achieve the dragon fish
separate your hair into two parts. take a lock of a branch and rock and in the two sectors. the second part on which you have turned the first is thicker lace front wigs uk. then take a lock that you add to the first, and see again. repeat this operation over the entire length by taking good care of shake up (not hurt the hair!) if your hair is neat and the tail of a fish.

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