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Usual failures and solution to limestone impact crusher

24/07/13 Tags: adventne pobyty, business

The common faults of limestone impact crusher we should notice when operating impact crusher machine. And the simple disposal methods we also should know. Here we will talk about this.

1. Limestone impact crusher vibrating unusual. This situation explains feeding material is too large and you should check the feed size. Uneven wear also causes limestone impact crusher unusual vibrating, for this you should change impact hammer. Rotor unbalance needs to be adjusted in case cause unusual vibration. Another reason that causes limestone impact crusher unusual vibration is foundation misconduct; you should check the foundation bolts and reinforce.

2. Limestone impact crusher bearing emits heat. This explains bearing is short of oil and need to refuel timely. Of course, refuel too much also make bearing heating, so check the oil level when refueling. Timely replace bearings if bearing damage.

3. The discharge particle size is oversize. It shows the gap between hammer and impact plate is excessive. General adjustment for 15 to 20 mm. Feed particle size is too large will also affect the discharge size.

4. Limestone impact crusher belt flip. It shows belts worn and you should replace triangle belt. For belt fittings issues need to be adjusted in the same level. And pay attention to the quality of triangle belt.

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