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vertical roller mill for heavy calcium grinding

Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as TSP, is a powdered material obtained by milling some natural carbonate minerals through a milling machine. Because of its fineness and size, it can be used in various industrial fields. To introduce you to some vertical roller millground calcium powder application areas.
In the industry, heavy calcium powder has many uses, and heavy calcium powder is obtained mainly through the grinding of natural carbonate minerals, respectively, these calcite minerals are calcite, limestone or marble, the ore grinding to different The fineness of the size, you can get different powder, and different fineness of the gypsum powder can have different uses, the following to show you.
At present, the fineness of the heavy calcium powder needed in the domestic market mostly lies in the range of 1000 mesh and below, while the application of the higher fineness of the heavy calcium powder is relatively small. However, the fine calcium powder with the fineness of 1000 mesh belongs to the higher fineness powder , The general mill equipment simply can not meet this fineness requirements, and the company developed vertical roller mill mill in the range of 325 mesh to 2500 mesh, fully inclusive of this range, the user only needs a simple adjustment of the machine The size of the air flow and the size of the separator speed can be adjusted fineness of finished products.
In accordance with the current market demand, the domestic market demand for heavy calcium powder are mainly concentrated in the following industries, such as construction and construction industry, civil engineering industry, chemical industry, the following for each size to adapt to the industry to introduce.
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