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Production flow of the gold grinding process

26/07/13 Tags: 2 % z dane, business

Every year, customers from India keep a great interest in our gold ore grinding unit. In their opinion, compared with other brands, gold ore grinding units produced by Hongxing are able to stand high loading requirements, work continuously, and save the operation cost a lot. Here we focus on more details of our gold ore grinding unit in India.

Flowchart Of Gold Ore Grinding

In the gold mining industry, gold ore grinding units deal with the crushed gold-bearing particles into smaller particles or powder so that the leaching and smelting process can go smoothly. Gold ore grinding process can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding. According to different applications, there will be open-circuit grinding and closed-circuit grinding process. Of course, there should be some associated equipment in the grinding process of gold ore, such as belt conveyor, vibrating grizzly screen, gold washing plant and vibrating feeder. The combination of associated machines makes the gold ore grinding unit work smoothly and reliable.

Gold Ore Grinding Unit In India

In India, most of mining investors choose ball mill as the gold ore grinding unit.Typically, ball mill is used to grind varied kinds of mine or other materials, in some cases, ball mill is used to select the mine. There are two ways of grinding for ball mill, that is, the dry process and the wet process. It can be divided into tabular type and flowing type according to different forms of discharging material. Adopting double tiered roller axletree, the centripetal spherical surface is used as the support of the host axletree. So ball mill produced by Hongxing can reduce the overall energy consumption by 30%. It employs an over-fall pattern discharge port, which can improve the final shape of granule.

We will try our best to help gold investors by the ways of supplying more high-quality products and better service, if you have some interest in our gold ore grinding unit in India, please contact us!

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