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Main characteristics of JS foam concrete mixer


JS series concrete mixer manufactured has the advantage of driving reliable, low noise, low power consumption, compact structure, smooth operation, easy to operate, good mixing quality and high productivity. JS concrete mixer is applied to around construction sites, road construction, bridges, hydropower and other projects and small and medium-sized concrete structures.What are the characteristics of the JS series concrete mixer?

A. JS concrete mixer is reverse from the drop-type biconical material mobile concrete mixer, mixing plastic and semi-hard concrete.

B. Mixing drum mixing forward, reverse the material, no tank mixing 350 liters of concrete (refer to tamp the concrete volume), no hour can produce 10 to 14 cubic meters.

C. Fixed mixing, digging pits, so that the hopper mouth flush with the ground, feed, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

D. The machine structure is novel, high production efficiency, the mixing quality, light weight, attractive appearance, etc., is a more advanced model.

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