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Daswell staff will tell you concrete mixer installation procedures


The concrete mixer is to mix cement, sand and gravel aggregate is mixed with water and made a concrete mixture of mechanical, mainly by the composition of the mixing tube, the feeding and discharging institutions, water supply systems, prime mover, transmission, rack and supporting devices. To use concrete mixer, concrete mixer, there are many precautions during installation, concrete mixer in the installation of the Note as follows:

A. The concrete mixer installation location choice:

a. Concrete mixer installation site must be almost the whole, a solid foundation

b. Concrete mixer should be installed as close as possible to the scene pouring stations.

C.Concrete mixer installation should consider the power, water, water-resistant materials venues measures and feed, the feed channel.

B. Concrete mixer in place, put down the leg rotation screw from the top of the machine, so that the tire unloading, and transferred to the mixer to the water for a position with a pin fixed in order to enhance the stability of the job. For use by the principal time when the application sleepers rack pad is under the tires and drawbar otherwise save.

C. cushion between the hopper and the ground to avoid damage due to the impact of the drop bucket bucket body.

D. large capacity stationary mixers shall be manual requirements, foundation design in accordance with the specifications for the installation.

When installing the main and auxiliary applications foot level of correction levels.

E. White off the mixer when the center of gravity biased towards the feed inlet side of the installation, the port side of the feed can be slightly higher, in order to facilitate discharge.

F. hopper rail movements concrete mixer, hopper pit should be dug up, take a long rail, the depth of the pit to the hopper into the bottom of the pit, bucket mouth above the ground 150 to 200 mm. Hopper concrete mixer, parked on the ground should be erected on the material platform, flush with its height and hopper put down the plane.

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