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Compares me unfavourably to long lost friends from Mafia City

25/05/18 Tags: city, game, gangster, mafia, mmorpg, yotta

Mafia City Guide
Combat is a rather rich tactical fare, with each of your selected crew-members wielding extremely divergent skills. 
1.) Get Free Gems or Crystals
Being fresh off the boat limits your options, however: to start with it’s just me, Yotta Games, quickly joined by my consilieri old Freddie Tanino and some guy called Squigs who claims to be a ‘level 1 burglar’. This seems like a poor thing to put on your CV, but I’m an unusually liberal 1920s aspiring crime overlord, so I won’t hold it against him.

I’m sitting down at a table with the three lieutenants helping me maintain my growing hold on New Bordeaux, Mafia City’s marvelous recreation of 1968 New Orleans. I’ve just finished the climactic mission in my bid to take down an Italian-run construction fraud racket.
“I wrote the Mafia City about the Mafia and I don’t want to deal with those types of “businessmen”.” he writes. “The game industry is a risky business and nobody wants to end up under the boardwalk. I personally know people who got their bones broken or were kidnapped during game development. No kidding.”
I hand the territory to the already-flush Cassandra, and Burke goes ballistic. Vito is pissed too, and his upset cuts deep as he compares me unfavourably to long lost friends from Mafia City—Vito was that game’s protagonist, and goddamnit I wish I was giving him a happier retirement—but the Irish boss is definitely the biggest problem. He tells me that this is my last chance. He tells me that if I screw him one more time, it’s all over. 
Mafia City a gaming environment that has been around since 2010. Our communiy was previously based on San Andreas Multiplayer, a similiar modification as RageMP. Ownership has been handed over time, each individual progressing the environment while putting in their sweat and blood.
As with previous Mafia games, the city serves as a backdrop to a tight linear story that sees Clay attacking gangster hideouts to work his way up to the big boss. 

The above three images represent the High/Med/Low presets. Medium and High both look pretty similar and the world of New Bordeaux looks quite nice, but even the Low preset looks good—it wouldn’t surprise me to find out the “Low” setting is basically what you get on a current-gen console.

Vito is not a sympathetic character. He is, after all, a ruthless criminal. But you warm to him just the same. His sidekick Joe can veer a little too much into comic relief territory, but for the most part he’s likeable.

Mafia City H5 official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲 H5, thank you!

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