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Preparation and Maintenance of Jaw Crusher


To expand domestic demand, invest in infrastructure and innovate technology are important strategies to stimulate economy growth after the economy stabilizing. Financing has been a key element to improve investing effectiveness. Jaw Crusher , in the process of installation and debugging, often due to error or debug unqualified, later buried unsafe trouble hidden in production. How to installation and debugging of jaw crusher can be used to avoid unnecessary loss? Daswell engineer in comprehensive practical problems arising from the customer feedback information, it sums up the following several main points, for your reference:Preparation of the jaw crusher before use:

1. examined the lubrication of the bearings are in good condition, the joint of thrust plate whether there is enough grease.

2. carefully inspect all fasteners for fastening.

3. check carefully whether the belt is good. If you find there is any breakage phenomenon, should change in time, when there are oil pollution in the belt or belt wheel, used dishcloth will greasy dirt rub-up.

4. check the protective devices are in good condition, found to have unsafe phenomenon, should be ruled out in time.

5. look for ore crushing cavity or sundry, if there are ore or debris, it must be clean, to ensure the crusher cavity starting

6. check whether the roof bolt is returned, gasket set is compact, the T type bolts are tight。

As the demand of the market continues to expand, coupled with the development and growth of the mining crusher manufacturing industries, which attracts a large number of internationally renowned crusher manufacturing companies to shift their attention to China and in succession establish branches or research institutions in domestic, which also has injected new vitality to China”s mining crusher industries. We believe that it”s a good thing for domestic crusher manufacturers. Daswell engineers specially remind, all kinds of mechanical equipment regardless of workload big and small, should out the focus on the maintenance. Only maintain properly, the equipment will play his biggest work efficiency. Whatever the jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher or Raymond Mill proper maintenance is necessary and shall avoid causing you unnecessary loss.

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