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Health-related molybdenum and titanium alloy is widely employed.

26/07/13 Tags: akční letenky, molybdenum, Titanium

On account of desirable properties of titanium and titanium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy are extensively applied in biomedical products and elements. Titanium and titanium alloy has comparatively substantial strength and biocompatibility. New generation of titanium alloy has high strength and lower modulus, which attracts researchers’ analysis interests.

Now, 1 variety of molybdenum and titanium alloy-solid Ti84Mo16 alloy is being used in biomedical products and parts. This kind of molybdenum and titanium alloy and its foam are manufactured by powder metallurgy technique. Molybdenum and titanium alloy foam is produced by sintering the mixture of molybdenum and titanium.

The plateau strain and elastic modulus can be changed by adjusting the porosity and pore dimension. In an effort to increase the ductility of molybdenum and titanium alloy foam, pure titanium powder is used as sintering adhesive agent and mixed with alloy powder.

Molybdenum and titanium alloy will have great bioactivity soon after alkali-heat remedy.

In sum, molybdenum and titanium alloy combines substantial strength, fantastic ductility and bioactivity and it truly is a potential material for replacement of tough tissue and merits even further investigation.

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