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Attention to the Lubrication of Jaw Crusher


In the using process of the jaw crusher machine, we should do good maintenance work so as to maximally prolong the service life of jaw crusher. One of the maintenance methods is to do good lubrication work. In this way , we can ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher and maximally extend the useful life of jaw crusher machine.

Firstly, the lubricant that jaw crusher uses should take various factors into consideration, such as location, temperature, climate and other conditions. If one of these conditions cannot reach the effect that we expect, it will increase the cost of investment.

Secondly, the lubricant in the bearing of the jaw crusher generally accounts for about 50% of its volume. It should be not too much or too little and be changed every 3 to 6 months. The specific time is adjusted according to the working process. Besides, before changing the lubricant, we should use clean gas to clean the raceway of the bearing.

Thirdly, before the starting of jaw crusher, we should inject the right amount of grease so as to improve the working efficiency and create greater economic benefits.

In the working process of jaw crusher, we should strictly do the above three points in order to greatly improve the production efficiency and gain the maximum benefits. Besides the jaw crusher machine, we can also supply high working efficiency diesel engine mini jaw crusher which can be used in a place where has no electricity.

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