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The necessity of dumping the outdated hongxing machine


In rotary dryer, the pneumatic valve fitted on the burner makes use of fluid mechanical property of specially designed intake vent, which forms physical barrier to combustion products backflowing to the feed port. The main advantage of pneumatic structure is that it omits the valve and moving parts. Consequently, mechanical failure and invalidation are eliminated. This is of vital importance to heavy pulse burner. The most common design concept is to produce low resistance to inflowing materials and high resistance to outflowing materials. The inlet structure is commonly known as fluid diode. Certainly, the fluid diode in rotary dryer can’t compare with mechanical check valve in performance due to the reason that it cannot restrain backflow.

The movable bearing should be added with a grease cup and the antifriction bearing should be regularly added with dry oil for lubrication and sealing. When the roller crusher crushes the materials, the roll surface will gradually abrade, for this reason, the crushing machine must be fed with materials in the direction of the length of the roller and in a regular manner. If the materials are fed into the crushing machine in an irregular manner, ring groove may show on the roll surface which may influence normal work of the crushing equipment and the product granularity may not be even.

Our national mining experts have prepared for the client no matter whether it is for the technology and sale service, and Hongxing mining machinery that is major in producing the sand maker can specially design the perfect production line and products for different clients, which is helpful to expand the arrangement of mining makers and to increase the sale of machines. The innovation on Hongxing mining machine has been standing on the peak of the same field. Recently, Hongxing cement industry has formed one main series of mining products including grinding machine, crushing machine, sand maker, impact crusher and some machine which is major in producing the perfect aggregate, and some coordinating machines in order to become one main mechanical and producing base for the mainland mining makers.The theme of this exhibition is still “regarding as internationalization and branding as the standard, popularizing the most advanced and brand new product and technology in this industry and realize the communication and cooperation of global cement companies.” It is reported that in this trade fair, some companies stand out from the fierce competition. For example, the professional cement crushing equipment and anti-friction material manufacturing company Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the spot coverage of China Cement Network which is the largest industrial web portals in this trade show.

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