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Production process of zinc oxide with the use of rotary kiln

18/07/13 Tags: Aditiva, business

For zinc oxide are used raw materials to produce those friends, you can look at today”s article. For different production processes of zinc oxide depending on the materials used, in turn, can be said to different production processes with the corresponding raw materials for production of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide produced by the three kinds of methods: zinc ingots as raw material have been indirect method (also known as the French law) and zinc ore as raw material direct method (also known as the USA and France) and wet three.

The indirect method operation process is: the electrolytic method of the ingot is heated to 600 ~ 700 ℃ after melting crucible placed in high temperature, so that the 1250 ~ 1300 ℃ high temperature melting gasification, warmed air oxidation, the resulting Zinc oxide is cooled, cyclone separation, trapping fine particles with a bag, which obtained zinc oxide products. Direct method operating side: The calcined zinc powder (or zinc materials) and anthracite (or coke quiet), the proportion of limestone by 1:0.5:0.05 formulated into balls. 1300 ℃ in a rotary kiln Neijing reduction smelting, slag zinc oxide is reduced to zinc vapor, and then pass into the air oxidized to produce zinc oxide by trapping, obtained zinc oxide products.

Wet: The reaction of zinc ash, zinc sulfate and sulfuric acid, and then with sodium carbonate and ammonia which are reacted to produce zinc carbonate and zinc hydroxide, zinc oxide as raw materials. With zinc carbonate as raw material, washing, drying, calcining, crushing obtained product zinc oxide. Zinc hydroxide as raw material, washing precipitation, drying, calcining, cooling, crushing obtained product zinc oxide. The method of production of zinc oxide is above them, can not be seen through the various production processes produce zinc oxide which raw materials are required. For convenience, summarize what ingredients are used: the zinc ingots, zinc, zinc carbonate, zinc hydroxide.

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