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Maintenance Notices about Vibrating Screen


Daswell vibrating screen for sale adopts electric motor driving, rubber spring damping, high abrasion resistance sieve plate, sealed type screen box and advanced self-synchronous vibration principle.

It features in long service life, low noise and high screening efficiency. Our vibrating screen machine for sale is wildly applied to sintered ore, natural ore, coke and other powdery material.

Usually the vibrating screen machines have the following types: high performance heavy duty screen, self-centering vibrating screen, de-watering screen, circular vibrating screenlinear screen.

Reasonable maintenance can prolong the service life of the vibrating screen machine for ore. Our engineer would like to give you the following suggestions:

1. Before starting the vibrating screen, the operator shall check the fuel height on its two sides. If the oil level is too high, the temperature of the vibration exciter will grow up and even difficult to run. Too low oil level will result in the premature failure of the vibrating screen.

2. Check the fastening degree of all bolts. Refasten them after it works for 8 hours for the first time.

3. Check the tensile force of the v-belt to avoid slipping.

4. Ensure the minimum clearance between the moving part and the fixture.

5. Start the vibrating screen machine with zero loads. Do feeding the raw material only when it moves steadily. Do stop feeding and ensure all materials on the sieve are discharged before stop the vibrating screen machine.

6. The feed chute shall be close to the feeding side and evenly feeding the material along the sieve’s width. The moving direction of the feed chute is the same as the materials on the sieve, to thereby obtain the best screening effect. The maximum drop between the feeding point and the sieve shall be less than 500mm to ensure the impact of the material on the screen surface is the smallest.

7. When the vibration exciter rotates with following the material moving direction, increase the moving speed of the material can improve the production capacity but decrease the screening efficiency; When the vibration exciter rotates against the material moving direction, reduce the moving speed of the material will reduce the production capacity but improve the screening efficiency.

We are professional and reliable vibrating screen machine manufacturer. More information about our machine, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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