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How does linear vibrating screen work in gold mine

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Linear screens differ from vibrating screens in that they don’t vibrate. Therefore, they are quiet and the energy consumption is much less than a vibrating screen. Typically, linear screen is used as the screening machine for gold ore. Here we focus on Hongxing’s linear screen for gold mining.

Overview of Linear Screen

The linear screen comprises a screen cloth, which is supported on rollers and drive via a pulley. This is supported by means of a gearbox and motor. Slurry enters the screen via a feeding box onto a moving screen cloth. Polyurethane side curtain panels prevent short circuiting of material onto the floor. The underflow is collected from an under pan receiver and returned as the “cleaned” material. Inspection hatches are provided for maintenance. The trash/wood chips are retained on the screen from where it is discharged into a chute. Any material sticking to the cloth is removed using water nozzles mounted on a spray bar.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,coal impact crusher, crusher mobile Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

Hongxing’s Linear Screen for Gold Mining

In the flowchart of gold mining, main purpose of linear screen is to remove wood chips and fiber from the ore stream feeding carbon-in-pulp systems. Other applications include the recovery of loaded carbon in gold CIP circuits. Practice has been proved that Hongxing’s gold ore linear screen can be applied to any mineral processing operation where trash removal is required.

Main Parts of Linear Screenfor Gold Mining

Feedbox designed for equal distribution of the feeding slurry

Screen cloth in variety of sizes

Drive unit, consisting of variable speed gearbox and electric motor

Slurry collection box

Discharge chute

Variety of roller

Cloth tracking instrumentation

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