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Working process and main parts of shaking table

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Table concentrator, also called shaking table, is widely used in the extraction process of gold. Gold ore table concentrator is very suitable for placer gold mining, adopting the principle of gravity separation. As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, Shanghai Zenith never stops the innovation and exploration for new mining equipment. And the table concentrator is our leading product used for the gold extraction. Here we focus on Zenith’s gold ore table concentrator for gold mining.

How Does Gold Ore Table Concentrator Work?

It is necessary to know how shaking table works for gold mining. The motor drives the eccentric shafts to rotate and the connecting rod to move up and down. With the rod moving down, gold-bearing particles on tilting deck installed by rifle spokes go into the feed box. At the same time, water stored in the water tank impacts the minerals laterally. So by the means of shaking and washing, minerals of different sizes and densities flow from discharge outlets, which separate concentrates and tailings clearly and efficiently. Since the gold ore shaking table have been upgrading in line with advanced technologies, their production and accuracy have improved significantly.

What Are Main Parts Of Table Concentrator?

Gold ore table concentrator is mainly composed of eight components, including table head, electric motor, slope control, deck, feeding box, water tank, rifle spokes and lubrication system. The vertical and reciprocating motion of the deck is drove by the crank-connecting actuator. The motor drives the eccentric shafts to rotate and the connecting rod to move up and down. When the connecting rod makes a downward movement, the toggle plate pushes back shaft and reciprocating lever backward. At the same time, through the tension of spring, it drives the deck to move backward, because the deck is connected with the reciprocating lever by linkage seat. When the rod moves upward, through the

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